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Creating your Resume and Cover Letter

Click on each link below to view example resumes and cover letters.

Job Search Strategies & Networking 

MSU Career Center Handbook (Resumes & Interviewing) – Click here


A vital component to any job search is networking, which is more than cheesy introductions, handshakes and small talk.  Various research studies on this topic indicate that 40-80% of people get jobs through their contacts (i.e. networking).  Below is a list of various networking tactics.

 Spread the Word
  1. It may seem basic, but as soon as you know you will be on the job market, get the word out!  Tell your friends, family members, neighbors, classmates, professors, teammates, previous bosses, and others what skills you have and how you are hoping to use them in a job setting.
  2. Keep an open mind about who might be helpful because it is a small world!
  3. Ask your contacts to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities that might be a good fit for you – at their company, in their industry, or anywhere.



Here’s an idea!  Send an email to your friends and family stating that you are currently looking for a new job.  Here is an example of what your message might say:

Hello Friends and Family,
Now that I have completed a training session at Christian Women’s Job Corps, I wanted to share with you that I am now looking for a new job.  If you or anyone you know has a lead on a job opportunity, I would appreciate your input and your prayers.  Please continue to keep me informed of any new opportunities that you might be aware of or can recommend.
I appreciate your help!
Jane Doe

Type Focus Personality Assessment and Career Exploration Tools

Go to:

This is a 66-question assessment that will provide you instantly with a 4-Letter Personality Type.

  1. Go to the site address:
  2. Go to ‘New Users Start Here’
  3. Make up a username and password; complete the rest of the required info
  4. Once complete, click Submit
  5. Once you are registered, you will then click on “Self Assessments” listed on the left hand side bar.
  6. Click the Personality Assessment link, and then click the green start button to begin.
  7. At the end of your assessment, it should allow you to “Print Report.”
  8. You should be given a 4-Letter type such as ENJP, etc. with a two paragraph explanation.
  9. This assessment and report analysis could take as little as 20 minutes, or it could take as much time as you care to spend.

Dress For Success


Guidelines for women when going to a job interview


  • For the interview, ladies should wear a matching skirt or pant suit with a coordinating blouse.
  • College students on a budget may not own a suit, so we recommend putting together the best outfit you can with what you already own. Perhaps a friend or roommate of similar size owns a suit that can be borrowed.
  • In some instances, a skirt with a matching jacket or sweater and blouse will suffice.
  • To avoid wrinkles in the suit jacket, take it off while driving /riding in a car on the way to the interview and hang it on the hanger in the back seat of most vehicles. Laying your suit jacket on the floorboard or seat could result in unwanted lint and hair.
  • If your suit is dirty or wrinkled, plan to take it to the dry cleaners the week before the interview – not the day before the interview.
  • In general, darker suit colors are for more formal occasions. Dark gray, black, brown, or navy suits are appropriate for interviews.
  • If you are wearing your suit for the first time, remember to remove the tag on the sleeve and cut the tie between the flaps or vent on the back of the suit jacket.


  • Make sure that blouses are not too tight, too low-cut or too shear. Choose a modest cut and fabric to complement your suit.
  • Avoid blouses with distracting patterns and designs.
  • Skirt length should be just above or at the knee. Pants should be full length, not Capri.
  • Wear appropriate undergarments that are not visible through clothing.


  • Choose a closed-toe pump with a low or modest heel that matches your suit color. Black and navy are good choices.
  • Always wear pantyhose, preferably a neutral or nude color.
  • Never wear brightly colored tights or hosiery.
  • Opened toe or strappy sandals are never appropriate.


  • When considering jewelry remember to keep your decisions conservative.
  • Avoid large and/or dangling earrings. Choose a small loop or stud. Avoid showing facial/body piercings.
  • A nice wrist-watch, pearls, or a simple gold chain are nice additions to interview attire. Refrain from noisy bangles or multiple bracelets that will be distracting.
  • Although cowbells are now legal at the football stadium, please refrain from bringing them with you during the interview.
  • Avoid resting sunglasses on your head.


  • A portfolio adds professionalism to your outfit during the interview. It is also a great place to store a writing utensil, questions for the employer, and resume packets.
  • Bring a dark-colored leather briefcase or portfolio.
  • Avoid manila envelopes and three-pronged folders.


  • Wear business casual attire only when stated; otherwise, assume that business professional is the standard. Business casual is considered a step down from interview attire in professionalism. Consider wearing a nice blouse with a jacket or a sweater set.
  • Ironed dress pants or slacks can be worn with dress shoes (no sandals or athletic shoes).


  • Fingernails. Keep fingernails well manicured, clean, and short. Polish should be clear or light-colored.
  • Hair. Keep hair neat and clean for the interview day. Choose a modest hair style that is easy to maintain. Refrain from dying your hair before the interview. Avoid leaving sunglasses on top of your head during the interview.
  • Showering – for some this is automatic. Please take a shower and apply deodorant before you go to the interview.
  • Oral Hygiene. Brush teeth and use mouthwash to ensure fresh breath. Do not chew gum or mints during the interview. Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco prior to the interview.
  • Cologne. Wear little or no cologne to the interview. Too much cologne can easily distract the employer and prevent you from making a good impression.


  • Lint – Use a lint roller to remove hair and lint from your clothes. Be aware of any animal hair you could attract from your car seat or other pieces of furniture before the interview.

Most importantly, give the employer the impression that you made a significant effort to present yourself professionally for the interview. The most expensive wardrobe will not gain any respect if not worn properly; do the best with what you have!


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