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Fall 2017 Flyer

–   CWJC-GT Receives 4-County Grant

CWJC Foundation

Representatives of Christian Women’s Job Corps–Golden Triangle in Starkville, MS, received a $5000 grant from the 4-County Foundation at the 4-County annual meeting on June 1, 2017. The grant is from the 4-County Round-Up program. Attending the meeting for CWJC–GT were the following: Russell Mord, Golden Triangle Baptist Association Director of Missions; Louis Dawkins; Debra Taylor; Katina Sunivelle; Melisa Stewart; Rita Usher, CWJC Site Coordinator; Darla Griffin; Jackie Pruett; Retha Bushby; Robbie Richardson; and Valerie Clifton.

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Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

Currently, CWJC Golden Triangle offers two Level I class sessions each year that run for ten-twelve weeks during the months of September through November (day classes) and January through March (night classes). Participants from the Level I training are also eligible to enroll in the Level II training after they graduate.  Level II training sessions are held in the spring (day classes) and summer (night classes) of each year.

Christian Women’s Job Corps offers free computer training and job skills training sessions for women who desire additional skills for life and employment.  During the Level I training session, participants will be engaged in classes such as:

  • Computer Skills – Introductory Microsoft Word 2010, Professional letters, Formatting
  • Business Communications – Resume’, Cover Letters, Interviewing, Business Etiquette
  • Money Management – Budgeting, Credit Management, Debt Management
  • Relationships Building – Healthy Marriage and Family relationships
  • Biblical Foundations – Non-denominational Bible Study examining foundational principles useful for practical life application
  • Conflict Resolution/Anger Management – Resolving issues at work and at home between individuals
  • Health & Nutrition – Pursuing a healthy diet and lifestyle that is conducive to maintaining stable employment

During the Level II training session, participants will be engaged in classes such as:

  • Computer Skills – More in-depth Microsoft Office 2010 training, Some Introductory Excel
  • Biblical Foundations – Non-denominational Bible Study that engages each participant in more consistent and deeper biblical study
  • Boundaries – Setting healthy boundaries in our relationships at home and at work
  • Career Development & Job Searching – More in-depth career development training and job search strategies
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Graduate Testimonial

“I thank God for CWJC (Christian Women Job Corps) . This program came at a time in my life when I was facing many obstacles–In search for some computer skills to help me find a job and seeking direction from God. He led me to an ad in the newspaper for computer classes. When I entered the program I found it was Christian based and not only would I get computer skills, but Bible Study–more than what I expected, but what I needed. The word of God was taught in a way that I have never heard before and it helped me to understand that God really does have a Plan and Purpose for my life in spite of all my roadblocks.

Being in CWJC has helped me see roadblocks that I have faced as speed bumps. I was taught every skill needed in everyday life from the word of God here at CWJC. I now have a new confidence and joy that only comes from” Almighty God”. CWJC was a safe haven of peace, and love for me and that’s what was shown from every instructor the love of God. I will forever be grateful for CWJC and Mrs. Amanda Thornton, Site Coordinator. This program has truly been a “Blessing” in my life. I will continue to stand on Proverbs 3:5-6 and Jeremiah 29:11.”


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